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Estate & Final Wishes Planner Kit – Turquoise in Paris Printable, Security Info, Document Info, Estate Wishes, Digital File, Instant Download

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Planning your estate means to crafting the documents and processes to be followed upon your death to ensure your loved ones are taken care of. This will need to be documented to ensure your final wishes are taken care of by your estate executor.  Doing this will allow the protection of your loved ones from legal hassles and financial uncertainty after your death.

For every person thinking about death is difficult. It’s even more difficult to think about our own passing, but it is necessary to make sure our loved ones can carry on in your absence. Planning is an important part of that process, as it allows them to be proactive and do what you would have wanted them to do.

It will also make it easier and safe costs if the Executor of your Estate knows where to find all the information to settle your Estate. The typical information they will need to do things like close accounts, pay bills, take care of pets, where to find important documents and who to contact are all here in this Estate Planner printable for you to fill out. Just print it out & write in the details or fill out the PDF and print put it in a safe place or share it with your Executor to be made available to your family.


This Product Includes:

  • The letter size 11 X8.5″
    • High resolution 300 dpiFORMATS
    • PDF


Our beautiful printable Estate planner – Turquoise in Paris covering the following:


  1. Personal Information
  2. Family Contacts details
  3. Friend/Neighbors Contact details
  4. Pet Information
  5. Medical Information
  6. Medication List
  7. Doctors List
  8. Bank Accounts
  9. Credit Cards
  10. Recurring Bills
  11. Vehicle Information
  12. Trust Information
  13. Property Information
  14. Investment Accounts
  15. Life Insurance
  16. Will Information
  17. Final Wishes

19 Funeral Arrangements

  1. Letter to Family
  2. Notes


We also include a Security Login Information Planner covering the following:


  1. Internet Passwords
  2. Security Questions
  3. Social Media Logins
  4. Electronic Devices Logins
  5. Home Security Logins
  6. Important Items Location


Bonuses Includes:

  • Personal Estate Planning checklist
  • VisionBoard Made Easy pdf